Winning Poems

The 2017 Mighty Noses
We are delighted to share the winning poems from last year's inaugural Mighty Nose Awards. From over 150 entries, these poems impressed the judges with their originality, lively depiction of smells, and quality of writing. Our 2017 judges were chaired by Josh Lacey and were:
Years 3 and 4
WINNER: Bella Barlow 
RUNNER UP: Aoife Lynch
Years 5 and 6
WINNER: Isobel Young
RUNNER UP: Lena Akil

Congratulations to the winners and to their schools. Here are the winning poems for you to enjoy:

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Smelly Seasons
Suncream and salty air,
Summer smells are here,
Candyfloss and doughnuts,
Sweet smells at the pier.
Lavender and Wisteria,
Spring flowers in bloom,
 Bluebell and lilac,
All smelling of sweet perfume.
Fireworks, pumpkin soup,
And smoky burning leaves,
Toasted sweet marshmallows,
Fill the autumn’s breeze.
Frost morning air,
Cloves, cinnamon and pine,
Pretty burning candles,
Christmas is my favourite time!
Bella Barlow
Shiplake C.E Primary School
Year 4



The Things I See With My Nose
I am blind,
I am deaf,
The thing that guides me is my nose.
I am walking,
The savoury smell of freshly- baked bread,
Overwhelms my nose,
Tears spill as I remember seeing my grandad with his bread- machine.
I know I am near the florist,
When the divine perfume of the bunches,
Drifts up my nose,
The odorous scent of petals and pollen.
But what is this?
A strange stench of petrol or sewers?
No- it is gas,
Better get going home.
That’s enough smelling for one day!
But as a sweet chocolatey smell,
Reaches my nose,
I am intrigued.
Isobel Young
Year 6
Peppard Primary School