Winning Poems

The 2018 Mighty Noses
We are delighted to share the winning poems from last year's inaugural Mighty Nose Awards. From over 500 entries, these poems impressed the judges with their originality, lively depiction of smells, and quality of writing. Our 2018 judges were Nicky Cox MBE First News Editor, JS Landor Author & Josh Lacey Author and the winning poems are:
Years 3 and 4
WINNER: Amber Nodder
RUNNER UP: Riley Pearce
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Anjelea Gallagher
Years 5 and 6
WINNER: Alexei Kalthof
RUNNER UP: Ashley Marowa
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Aurelia Richards

Congratulations to the winners and to their schools. Here are the winning poems for you to enjoy:

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The Giant Blue Nosed Explorer
Smarty Marty raised a small party
To go on a trip to find a new pong
He started by going across to Hong Kong
He smelled some spice that wasn’t nice
He wrinkled his nose and said “this is all wrong”
He packed up his bags and they flew to Peru
He met a green parrot who did a blue poo
It smelled pretty bad
He felt very sad
And said to the others that this smell won’t do
They travelled on to Timbuktoo
And met a man with purple goo
It smelled quite nice
A bit liked mice
But also with a hint of spice
We’ll have to look for something new
They sailed to the Isle of Bali
And there in a quiet green valley
They found a tree with a lovely mango
It smelled so sweet
Was delicious to eat
Marty said “Yes”
This is the best
At last to our home we can go


Amber Nodder
Old Palace of John Whitgift Preparatory School
Year 4



Smelly Senses
Flowers begin to rise, leaves appear on trees
As the scent of new life runs in the breeze
Achoo Achoo the stupid hay-fever tablet
What season am I thinking of?
The air is getting even more chilled
As the phenomenal outdoors, fragrances start to fade away
Days are getting much shorter
Like the scented candle which we lit at midday 
What season am I thinking of?
I can smell the aroma of ice cream – oh so sweet
As a carpet of rhododendron swayed in the wind
My nose has thanked me for taking it to the floral park
9pm and it has only just turned dark
What season am I thinking of?
The leaves on the trees turn brown and red
As I walk towards my house which is straight up ahead
And whilst the sun starts to set
I can smell the appetizing aroma of mum baking fresh bread
What season am I thinking of?
Alexei Kalthof
Year 6
Valley Invicta Primary School