Marty In Action

We are delighted to announce Marty The Mighty Nose will be at Somerset House on Saturday July 1st from12-3pm.

Investigate your senses in this workshop exploring language, self expression and smells. 

Join the Fragrance Foundation and Marty, a mischievous cartoon character and his famously mighty nose in an afternoon exploring the link between our senses and the ways we can describe them. Taking inspiration from our Perfume exhibition currently on display in the East Wing Galleries this workshop will explore our sense of smell in a playful, innovative way. 

Using a number of especially evocative smelly props participants will be invited to come up with their own imaginative descriptions and record them with a combination of evocative adjectives and scent based similes. Families will explore the world of creative writing through first hand sensory experiences, alongside the language based activities participants can enjoy a round of smell bingo and fill in their own hand-out "Stink Sheets" to display or take away.

Part of Perfume: A sensory journey through contemporary scent, open from 21 June - 17 September 2017
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Marty in Action
Here are some of the latest images from Marty workshops. Most of the activities can be reproduced easily in any classroom. If you feel inspired and would like us to deliver a session, check out the Booking page.
And if you've been delivering some smell activities in your classroom, let us know as we'd love to share your ideas with other teachers.
Smell on a Trolley
Team Marty recently ran a workshop with a Year 5 class at a school in Chichester. They were planning for their school carnival, and had a trolley to festoon and decorate, provided by a local supermarket. We worked with the pupils to create a smelly rainforest theme. They created beautiful paper flowers, birds and fruits, which we sprayed with the scent of vanilla, which comes from tropical orchids (try vanilla essence from the supermarket diluted 1 to 5 in surgical spirit. Spray away from the class and allow to dry!). 
Smell Mixing
Marty the Mighty Nose generally offers workshops which deploy everyday smells which are easy for anyone to obtain from the local shop. However now and then we do offer something more exciting for schools interested in the process of making scent. Here are some pictures from a workshop we ran in a school in London, in which pupils discovered different aromas and made them into various concoctions - all safe for young skin! See what they got up to:

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